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    +      The internet is full. Fuck Off 


The Great Gopher, New World Gopher

The world is changing, everything we did not own, we will not own in
the future. The web is out of our control, fully vaccinated, full
of propaganda and psychological operation.
Earth is cold place and only what can warm us are our servers.

Create your own shithole and be happy

The way out, back to normal is to create your own shithole using
The Great Gopher. When shits hit the fan, you will have your place
where you can hide from all illuminati, lizards, zionists or any kind
of parasites who want your energy and time.

There are not many operating systems that work, luckily you
already use OpenBSD. So here is it, your how-to, step by step, very
detailed guide, your source of the truth and knowledge:

1. Open the standard terminal emulator - xterm.
2. Install Gopher server and client; Bucktooth/Gophernicus and gopher.
3. Check /etc/inetd.conf if all is correct as it should be.
4. Add your wisdom into files and put them to your Gopher directory.
5. Open your new shithole using the only true Gopher client gopher.
6. Change yourself and inspire other.
7. Die and meet with your Gods.

Toools used:
xterm - The standard terminal emulator for X.
vi - Father of all text editors. The immortal King of text editing.
gopher - The only true Gopher client. Your daily broken friend.
Bucktooth - the miniature Gopher server for Perl.
inetd - internet super-server. Invokes Bucktooth if it's called.

As you can see, it's easy-peasy. Like pissing on dead enemies.

- Support yourself and your family, not random Klaus, Ursula and Bill.
- Joy is recommended over suffering. Breathing is allowed.
- Being generous and fruitful is better than fat and sick. 


The routine of the regular citizen, the average or common man,
is simply stupidity. The genius defy what the school taught him.