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Gopher and IRC, brothers in arms

Two immortal and undefeated protocols. Simple and efficient. Both
perform tasks online for geniuses around the world for over 30 years.
The Internet Gopher Protocol (Gopher) is defined in RFC 1436 and
Internet Relay Chat Protocol (IRC) in RFC 1459.

Gopher rocks at searching and retrieving online documents saved by wise
people, while IRC excels at sharing wisdom, knowledge, and joy
between intelligent humans in real-time chat.

Both protocols are excellent companions when used together.

What do these two brothers have in common? Let's check:

 - work well in a terminal emulator or in graphical program.
 - efficient, fast, simple and in love with plain text.
 - alive and useful long term, in their best age of 30s.
 - survived raids of idiots and big hordes of stupid.
 - unbeatable in their area. They do one thing well.
 - easy to use with a client, work well even with netcat.
 - fast, straightforward, simple installation and setup of a server.
 - average Justin, random Greta have no idea they exist.

Challenges they have to endure:

Both veterans are powerful and skillful warriors. They are in a
constant war during their whole existence.

There are many attacks by "vaccinated" zombies full of stupid ideas.
These hordes of the dead try to bring their suffering fake life
experience into this God's garden.
Depends on a time and current corporation agenda, these useful idiots
attempt to inject their junk into the Gopher and IRC.

It can be some encryption, bridge, tunnel, cloud, bot, command,
option, function, the last feature creep, or just some random shit
found in a mainstream junkyard.

Our brothers successfuly repel all attacks.


This is the underground! Gopher and IRC were chosen by gods.
The fairyland is open for those, we are ready to enter the gate.

Life is simple. Gopher and IRC are proof that it is possible to bring
the essence of life to a technology.

Simplicity in technology is a virtue.


Your opinion, however interesting, is irrelevant.
The masses are always wrong.