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You are not free, you have no freedom. Ownership is an obstacle to
your freedom. If you own something, it binds you. If somebody else
owns something, it limits you.

If you have nothing, you have no freedom, because you have no place
where you can go freely, because everything belongs to somebody else.
But if you own something, some place, it limits you to that thing,
place only, and that's not freedom.

In this world you have to limit your freedom and also limit freedom of
everyone else around you.


This world is essentially a prison. Freedom is prohibited in any form.

Every idea, routine, and anything you believe in, is your jail. It
keeps you in a prison. 
You can choose to eat only healthy food and your health will improve
a lot. You can choose to be kind to others, to believe in a god,
to believe in some technology, way of living, some values, some race,
tribe, family. All of this is just your prison. Some of it will help
you, some will hurt your character in your life's "story".

If you force your "jail" on others, then it's a tyranny. No matter
what it is. It was your choice.


The world of darkness, vacuum, nothingness, just cold void, empty
place. Only in such environment is it possible to see the Light, feel
matter, hear sounds, experience warmth or something else.
The darkness gives meaning and space to the light, it is a material
space where whole life can happen, the place where all colors and its
shades can be seen.


People constantly ask for some help, a recommendation, a way how to do
things, how to live. Always looking for some script, a teacher,
a guru, some authority, someone or something, who or what tell, what
to do.

There is a large mass of people who follow, almost blindly. These
people are dangerous tools. They don't use their intelligence, their
knowledge, they don't live. They follow their master. A master who
wants to control others is not really a master but a tyrant without
good intention. If you see a large group of followers of any idea,
they are always soldiers, robots in someone's war. That war is
being waged against you. You are their ultimate enemy.

People with good intentions don't create wars. One would recommend to
not follow anything, but rather to die. Sadly, this will not work,
similarly like freedom. There is no freedom in this World. There is
only darkness, jails and a lot of suffering around produced by these

Some would say there is happiness and good things. They are happy,
no real pain in their lives. They have a relatively good job, maybe
a job or some business they think they chose, they love it. It's maybe
their life mission from their perspective. All is good, they have two
healthy kids, loving partner, own a big house, nice car and many other
things and entertainments around them what they created.

Unfortunately or fortunately, The Darkness will touch them and
suffering will find them, no matter what.
Very happy ones for decades can become desperate and commit suicide


Is everything lost, doomed, without any hope, no way to get out?

There is the Light, the Truth or the present moment, the reality.
That essence is here all the time, included in everything. It's in
your very core, in the middle of your existence. Everyone will
recognize it, experience, see, hear and feel it. The very moment you
You can't visit it from your jail, touch it from the imagination of
"your" life, see it in your fake story. All this is just a wall
in your prison, your fence against the only Reality.

It does not matter what your story sounds like, what it is about.
Your fairy tale and your thoughts about anything, mean nothing.

You are not important, you don't matter at all. Whatever you did
during your lifetime was just a waste at the very best. The world
would be a better place without your actions. You left a lot of
sadness, suffering and death here.


The essence of Life is in the core, in the center of everything.
The outside, the visible reality, cannot even touch it.