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The system

I assume, that everyone average intelligent already see and feel, that
the world we live in, is broken. That something is really wrong and
many things go the wrong direction.

Some are maybe more conservative and situation for them may look not
perfect or not in a good shape. They will maybe try to vote other
party in next election or sign some petition and all these "noble"
things that were made for them by their governments ;/
More aggressive ones can see the whole world as totally corrupted
system with fake information, full of psychopaths and sociopaths.
They are often called doomers, rebels, Russian agents, antivaxxers,
racists, anti-system terrorists, nationalists, antisemites and other
similar classy names ;/

What is the cause of all world's major problems? Is it, that whole
population somehow become more psychopathic due to how this society
is set up and how it works? Probably yes. The current system creates
psychopaths and sociopaths very fast. Every big corporation,
organization, company, government's instituttion require that leaders
are psychopaths, otherwise they will not survive. This then goes down
to the last person in that organization.

Is the overall population more dumb, full of idiots, walking zombies,
brainwashed biological bodies without using their own intelligence?
Whatever issue one check, it's full of crap and nonsense. From science
to culture, from Africa to the North Pole. Everything is broken,
destroyed or at least it is burning infront our eyes. It starts from
our knowledge, the history, our culture, continues to families,
values, good manners, relationships and ends in something like junk
food and broken things we buy every day.

Practically every aspect of our life is completely destroyed or it is
hardly attacked by some invisible force behind the scene.
Something is removed, something damaged, something under the attack.
Somehow there is always big group of people who are willing to attack
you or your values if somebody somehow vaccinate their minds. No
matter what is it, there is always some group ready to hit you.

The Truth and intelligence

Part of the problem are those, who don't say truth. From little lie in
their family at home to bigger one everywhere to everyone about
themselves. Many people fell down into some fictional life, some
illusion of themselves and their fake world and how everything should
be done. Then they feel strong push that they should force their way
of non-thinking into everyone around, ideally to the whole world.

Just look around, watch any media, check some information, listen
talk of politicians, doctors, teachers, lawyers, your neighbors,
coworkers, your kids or parents. All of them constantly permanently
lie. They lie almost about everything from tiny not important things
to something more personal and crucial what can affect your life.

We were all well-trained for that. From very early age at home, in
school, in our first, second job and so on. We were not even able to
tell our parents what we really feel in most cases or what we really
think. It was even harder to say true information in school.
We lived so long in constant wagon of lies, in fake society, that it
become our standard, our norm, way of living. Something that is
expected. If you don't lie, you become weird at the best and some
racist, terrorist in worse scenario. Just for saying the truth or
question the lie you become the enemy of the "civilization".

Often you can't say shit, just agree with other side, yes sir, yes madam,
yes boss, yes teacher, yes pope. Always just yes, never no or maybe.
Black skin is not black, fat guy is not fat, psychopath who stole
a billion is not a criminal, well at the end he is maybe even she ;/
You will become fast some *phobic, *ist or whatever is in current
vocabulary of social police.

There is some kind of accepted narrative, which is not really
naturally evolved narrative, just hardly pushed by some invisible
or visible force. The narrative, that tells, what is allowed, what is
not accepted and what is completely prohibited and punished.

At some time millions are killed because they have no Jesus in
them, they don't have these "right" values. After some time millions
are killed and destroyed, just because they already have these
unvoluntary pushed values.
It's like building some regime. People work like donkey, some may get
rich in this process. Then somehow magically regime is changed and
everything is taken from these rich. This is in cycles. Every wealth
is always taken away from the whole population, all the time.

When one starts to telling the truth, he becomes dangerous. Dangerous
to society, to the system, to people in power, to people who own a
lot. Then these structures will use hordes of useful hypnotized
idiots, soldiers, to "fix" your behavior or your life.
The truth is prohibited. People will nail you to a piece of wood for
saying the truth, burn you like witch or maybe wipe whole your village
for your truthfulness.

Why so massive attack on the truth? Who and why is afraid of it?
The truth comes from the intelligence. The intelligence is the biggest
danger to all establishments who want to keep their power over others.
In fact, the intelligence is the truth. The truth can't be dumb,
stupid or dead. The truth is 100%. It's perfect. It's everything what
exist. It's the holy grail, consciousness, the life.


The ultimate value Freedom coming from the intelligence by the Truth.