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The personal individuality is the only thing one has in his life on
this Earth. Everything else is just an illusion. Your individuality is
yours, it's practically you in this body that can be manifested,
If you compromise, if you lose it, it's your death. It's over. Nothing
else left then for you here. Your individuality, true individuality,
is the only essence you live for. Everything else can be done by
someone else. But your individuality is the only one and will never be
repeated. It can't be copied, reused.

Find it, keep it, use it, show it. Don't be afraid of being burned
alive like a witch or poissoned like Socrates. Be brave my friend.
That's the only way how you can fulfill your life on this Earth.
Otherwise, you are just a waste, robot, copy, zombie. Or better said,
just a piece of shit in a septic ;/ Be ecological, be yourself.

Don't confuse your individuality with personality ;/ Personality is
your mask given by your society. Simply check the root of the word
personality, a persona - a mask used by actors.

Your "personality" is the mask to hide your individuality. Be careful
here. It's like your ego and your soul. It tries to hide the reality.
If you throw out your personality, you become naked, your true face,
individuality will show. That will be God, your essence, your touch
with the existence. That's your ultimate everyday goal. Anything else
is just waste of time and your energy.

If one focuses on his personality, it's like feeding sheep before
its slaughter. It's a slow process of slavery and misery ending
with your death.

Be truthful, authentic. You are utterly unique, incomparable.
You have to be brave enough to stand alone against the whole world.
Respect yourself the same way you respect others. Never interfere in
anybody's life. The existence needs you. You have your own special
purpose. You are not here accidentally.


Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either.