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The narrative

When we sleep, one important job of our brain is to make order, clean
up, filter, save, structure, proceed all information we got during our
activity. These data are then processed on logical and emotional base.
That is based on values, structure and "way of living" of a society
we are living in. 
There is just a small group of people who manage these information
differently, on their own specific terms, not based on a society they
are living in. This group is a minority, rare.

This phenomenon explains in some degree why for most people facts
really don't matter. One can talk with his opponent, throw at him
whatever information, any fact. It does not matter in most cases. His
brain already knows how to deal with all information and facts. It
handles them based on the past events, environment, experience.

There is another interesting phenomenon, that says, that for a change
in a society, it is required around 25% of active people. The rest
don't matter much. It is well known, there is a big group of people
who will join whoever took the lead, no matter what. They will join
the narrative, the winning idea, group. They are followers of the
"norm". This middle, neither hot nor cold is hated by gods and nature.
This horde of zombies is the target of evil, psychopaths or any idiot
who wishes to control people and own the world.
One can imagine the world as an infinite chain of fights between good
and bad. Whoever is able to get that middle group wins the fight.

One interesting thing you may recognize, if there is a group of "bad"
you hardly find a good one among them. The group is just full of
psychopaths and bad actors. On the other hand, if you check the group
of the good, there are always some "rats", some bad actors, some moles,
spies, agents, some infiltrated, corrupted people with bad intentions.
That's also one of the reason, why so many "good" groups or ideas are

Many people somehow lost their natural survival instinct. You can say
your mom, that some hidden group of people spy on her through some
corporations and manipulate her through fake government. You can say
her, that "current bullshit", whatever it is, is just psyop, a weapon,
poison, destruction, death. She can even believe you. It does not
change anything. She will continue to "drink" that poison, eat that

Some people are not bad, pretty good ones maybe. They are just weak,
corrupted, afraid of something, somebody took over them, tricked them.
This is probably the biggest group of people.

Some people are somehow really bad, psychopaths, pure evil. The enemy
of humans and life. They are willing to fight for their evil goals.

The question of minority

There is one small conclave, tiny group of individuals, who are not
grouped together, nor organized. They see the truth, they hear the
evil, can smell the enemy and are in touch with the reality.
I mean people who not only see and hear, but who also talk. That
means people who are willing to do something, to move things. People
who are willing to bleed. They are movers, not necessary leaders.
The society is afraid of them, people hate them and the system kills

Should the minority push their good intentions into the majority if
they don't want it, are against it or don't care? Would it be good
to push the idea of few to many?
Is it not exactly what that group of psychopaths do? That they think
they know better, they should lead the world and the whole population
should just obey and follow their orders.

Were you born to keep the darkness dark or to start the fire?
Fit in or stand out? Who you really are?


The darkness is space, where light can shine.