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What is life, reality, events that actually happen? Is it what we
see, hear, smell, feel, experience?
Maybe what we can 'translate' with our brain after we experience
something? What is closer to the true reality? Dumb observation
without labeling an event or is it adding some meaning, a name based
on our knowledge, previous experience to that observed situation?

You look up during a night and some light is moving. Your brain, a
datacenter tells you that it is a 'falling star' for example. What
was really happening? What was that moving light in the sky? Did
anything even happen? What if no one saw it?


Imagine this situation. Some random moron at first glance tells you
something in a television. He has story about somebody from other side
of the Earth, he never saw him or even knew he exist before he got
some script from another idiot, who you have no idea who he is or how
he looks. The story is about some random retard screaming at some
herd. Somehow it has an impact on the world. That random stupid is
some authority, some master over group of slaves. The world inform you
about his speech, ideas and thoughts, which probably are not even his

Next day you go to the store and buy a toilet paper. Why not, you
never know. You don't feel bad to buying so much toilet paper now,
many people around you do the same. All looks good. It's always good
to have some extra roll in your bathroom in a case there will be not
enough paper in your store, right?

What really happened? Why you, your dumb neighbor you hate and also
some other people around you were in a store and bought so much of the
same product on the same day or week?
How is it possible that some random idiot by telling a story about
some other random dumbass forced you to buy a toilet paper?
He never mentioned a toilet paper in his speech. Do you think it has
something to do with your free choice, free will?
Will you visit a gas station tomorrow to be safe? To get some petrol.
What about iodine pills, some disinfection you never needed before?


Now think about today. What did you do so unique, that can separate
you from others? Did you do something that nobody else on the planet
did today the way nobody else can copy?

Did you choose your fortune or misery yourself freely? Are you able to
do that?

What do you know about yourself? Who are you really? How is it
possible that some random website knows better than you what you want
to buy or read next?

Can you change the world, make it a better place for you and your
fellow human beings?

Are you here for the world, to change it or the world is here for you
to shape you? Who is 'You'? What is 'world'?


There is a big difference between what you saw and what happened.
Don't let your story get in the way of the Truth.