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I installed 9front operating system

The whole server is experimentally running 9front operating system.
It started by playing a bit with the system on my desktop localy, then
I moved the server to 9front too. All is pretty simple and stable for
few weeks already.

9front is fork of the Plan 9 which can run on current hardware and
includes many other changes compared to the original Plan 9.
IRC server daemon is Ergo, which is the only usable IRCd I am aware
of, that can run on 9front.
The web server and mail server are base tools included in the
operating system. Great Gopher is powered by gophe.rc script.

All of this is running on the same VPS I used for OpenBSD server.
I did not write much about changes as it is still more as some
experiment. I am also planning to move the server into selfhosting it
at home in real hardware instead of using some VPS from a company.

When I decide and settle all things, make more permanent changes,
I will definitely write more about the whole setup.

I would like to try Plan 9 instead of 9front for more reasons.
I got recently Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for this purpose. I hope this
will go well. It is my first touch with single-board computer.

Your access to the sources related to 9front can be denied anytime.
People behind this operating system are highly into some ideologies.
As it is the usual case, they are then oppressive to others.

If you are someone they don't like you can have some trouble there.
After all, our clown world is broken, they are no different.

In a dark time even Klaus, Bill and Ursula will see shit.