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Wisdom is a gift to the seeker

The source of information - our gut has several times more neurons
than our brain. The brain receives more information within a body from
own organs, then from the external environment.

90% of all the information we get are from food we eat. The rest 10%
is from the place around us.
That's human connection with nature - food we take from it and eat.
Living in a city or in the woods? What do you eat?

You can meditate however you wish, if you eat commercial products
instead of real food.
This will give you 90% of all the information, the rest 10% is up to
your "meditation". Good luck burger monk ;/

What qualities will this food give me? Who do I become after I eat it?
How will I think, how will I act? What will I feel?

Program yourself for something extraordinary, become a real living 


If your job is to spread the light, be ready to walk through darkness.

As the light expands, some of the darker corners light up.