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Loving father nailed his only son

These days many people around the world celebrate lovely christian
holidays. All christians have a reason for the celebration. Their
Jewish leader Jesus was nailed to the cross and killed ;/

Chronicle in shortread:
There was perfect, loving and really good christian god.
One day he deciced, that all those living cockroaches on the Earth he
previously created are somehow broken, and not really like he imagined
So he decided to send his only son called Jesus there. Not to teach,
not to fight, but to be nailed, be sucrifaced for all those bad
cockroaches. So one day he sent him. Well it was probably night ;/

Fun fact: christians don't believe in incarnation, but this one person
was the exception, their god himself incarnated on the Earth as Jesus.
Jews don't believe this story, for them he was just fake, swinish
renegade ;/

We can now skip how Jesus was born and what was job of his mother and
who was his father. That can be kept on a reader's own imagination.

But the story continues when Jesus was around 30. Well story
practically ends here. Some bad people, jews tortured and killed
Jesus, only one god's son, practically god himself.
Yes, all this was possible at that time. Not to mentioning his mom was
virgin and his papa was not really his papa. But that is obvious, as
his dad was the highest excelency christian only god.

So christianity was practically born. Later christians full of love
make 'saint' from the killer of their Jewish leader Jesus.

Few years later, christians were probably upset that jews killed their
god. So they started a genocide. Killing arabs and slavic people
around the world. Yeah, somebody had to pay for his death.

Now whole world celebrate the time Jesus woke up, even it was probably
before he was killed. But few days up and down is not a big deal
especially after thousands of years.

So as humans say about themself, they are smart and intelligent, we
have to take something from this cool old story.

So our takes are:
- Christians are retarded
- Jews are bad guys
- Christian god is psychopath and sadists
- Arabs and Slavic are victims and need reparation from all christians

But one question still remains unanswered. Why the perfect and the
most powerful, everything knowing christian god nailed his only son
just because he was able to fuck up his only job he had that time.
So he somehow messed up creation of humans.

For humans this is something unimaginable. The smartest, everything
knowing failed this way? Then the most loving, practically love
itself killed his own son?
Now use your intelligence and brain and let me know something if you

That's not everything! There is still one wisdom in the core of this
If somebody yelling at you, that he came to save you, but he is unable
to even save his own life, you should probably not believe him.

Compare what people say and what they do, how they live. If their
words are just empty nonsense, propaganda or some stupid ideas they
got somehow during their suffering.

The truth, the light is seen in the life itself, it can be expressed
with words too. The reality has to be lived, not heard or read. 


God bless you = god will nail you to the cross.