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Everything is just your imagination

Based on quantum mechanics, everything you experience is just your own
projection based on a hologram - our universe. Nothing really exists.
Whole universe, Earth, your house, car, iphone and yourself is just
your projection, "decoded hologram". So while many esoterics people
often talk about 4D, 5D dimensions, based on quantum physics, whole
universe is practically just 2D and humans decode that information as

If this is true, then it means, nothing really matters, just you.
Everything else is just your projection, your movie. Anything you get
from cancer to the latest macbook is just part of the movie you are
attracted to. You as the person with a body does not exist.

Many science oriented people admired work of one cripple Mr. Hawking.
His final theory said the same, that Universe is just holographic

This theory says mostly the same what many spiritual teachers, gurus
saying for a long time. You are the consciousness and everything else
is just your imagination, projection. Everything around you, what you
see, hear, feel does not matter, it does not exist at all.


Nothing matters if you're not doing the work.