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Text shared with the world over internet

1st April no joke
I nailed to the cross Gopher, Finger and Tor. This genocide changed
few things here. I can simplify a bit now.

The date at the top of each page shows the last update to that text.

All is written with ASCII characters only. Nothing fancy here.
All lines here are at maximum of 70 characters in length.
Each page contains a wisdom at the bottom, enjoy.

The server is hosted in Vienna, Austria. It runs OpenBSD 7.5.
It responds to IPV4 and IPV6 addresses.

Nothing exotic here, just pure text over HTTP. Things on this space
are not static. The content, structure and anything here moves,
changes and dies.

Web server runs httpd, IRC server is handled by ngIRCd.
Mail server is powered by smtpd. 

If you find something broken, not 100% perfect, please let me know or
keep it for yourself as a secret ;/ I welcome funny, sad and hilarious
feedback. Join IRC or send me an email. We can celebrate unbeatable
and immortal IRC - Internet Relay Chat and reminisce dead
Great Gopher together.

Morena - The Goddess of winter's death and rebirth

I am below average in most things I do, so be careful.

Everything we know is mostly fake. The reality is magic. The law is
terror by those in power. Most information around is propaganda and
psychological operation. In the clown world the system is here to
keep their "citizens" dumb, weak, sick and dependent. If one believes
in his government, he deserves it.

Morena is naturally a rebel. I am up, when most people sleep. I
don't like traveling, holiday, all kind of human made attractions,
traditions, celebrations and group of people together making clucking
sound like hens. I don't do most things regular citizen does.

I use often "emote" smile in text ;/. It is the easiest one to type,
so I use it wherever a smile is needed.

I write in "morenese" dialect. It is weird expression in
grammatically incorrect English language with typos and wrong used
English words. Sentences often make no sense and contradict each
other. More I try, the worse is the result ;/ It's better to read
between lines.

I keep everything as simple as I am able to. I avoid unnecessary
customization. I use base tools if possible and install only software
I really need. I try to stay with default configuration if it's
possible. All above apply also to my offline life.

                            OpenBSD 7.5

 Web:    https://morena.rest    ->     HTTP server:   httpd
 Email:  morena@morena.rest     ->     Mail server:   smtpd
 IRC:    morena.rest 6667/6697  ->     IRC server:    ngIRCd


Except for the silence, everything else is your imagination.